Tratos Role in Pioneering Italy’s Sustainable Energy Future

In the landscape of modern infrastructure projects, few stand out as clearly transformative as the recent upgrade of the 380kV overhead power line between Rondissone and Turbigo, Italy. This project, spearheaded by Terna Rete Italia and executed in the fertile rice fields between Turin and Milan during November and December 2023, represents a significant leap towards a more sustainable and resilient energy grid. At the heart of this endeavour was the contribution of Tratos, a leading innovator in cable technology, whose advanced conductor solutions played a crucial role in the project’s success.

Bridging the Energy Transition

As Europe pushes forward with its ecological transition, the importance of modernizing its energy infrastructure cannot be overstated. The Rondissone-Turbigo upgrade is a prime example of this imperative. It not only addresses immediate needs for increased transport capacity and reduced congestion but also sets a precedent for future projects aimed at integrating renewable energy sources seamlessly into national grids.

Terna Rete Italia, Europe’s largest independent electricity transmission system operator, is responsible for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of Italy’s high-voltage electricity transmission network. The Rondissone-Turbigo project exemplifies Terna’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence in energy management.

The Role of Tratos: A Game Changer in Cable Technology

Tratos provided the technological backbone of this project, whose HTLS (High-Temperature Low Sag) low-sag carbon core conductor cables were pivotal. These cables, with their polymeric composite core, are designed to perform under high temperatures with minimal sagging. This innovation is critical for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of power transmission, especially as the energy landscape evolves to include more intermittent renewable sources.

Tratos’ overhead cables were configured in a triple bundle with a 30.45 mm diameter, spanning a total length of 12 kilometres. Their advanced design ensures they can handle the high demands of modern power grids, providing superior performance and durability. Using a Puller/Tensioner PT4800 quad bundle with an 1800 mm diameter bull wheel further facilitated the precise and secure installation of these cables, underscoring the integration of advanced materials with state-of-the-art machinery.

Enhancing Grid Resilience and Efficiency

One of the standout aspects of the project was the realization of mid-span tension joints using a 160-ton press. This process is vital for maintaining the structural integrity and electrical continuity of the overhead power lines, ensuring they can withstand both mechanical and electrical stresses over their operational life.

The benefits of this upgrade are manifold. By increasing the transport capacity between market zones and resolving congestion, the project enhances the overall security and resilience of the electricity grid. It also improves the quality and reliability of power supply, supporting broader economic growth and technological advancement in Italy.

Strategic and Environmental Impact

The strategic significance of the Rondissone-Turbigo project is clear. It aligns with Italy’s national goals of increasing renewable energy integration and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The use of Tratos’ advanced conductor cables ensures minimal environmental impact, thanks to their high efficiency and long lifespan. This project is a crucial step in Italy’s journey towards a cleaner, emission-free energy future.

Moreover, the project demonstrates how strategic planning and innovative technology can work together to address critical energy infrastructure needs. By investing in such advanced solutions, Terna Rete Italia and Tratos are setting a benchmark for future projects aimed at modernizing and greening the energy grid.

Conclusion: A Model for Future Projects

The Rondissone-Turbigo 380kV overhead power line upgrade is more than just an infrastructure project; it is a blueprint for the future of energy transmission. It showcases how cutting-edge technology and strategic foresight can drive the transition to a sustainable energy future. Tratos’ contribution, with its advanced conductor technology, has been instrumental in this success, highlighting the importance of continued innovation and investment in the energy sector.

As we look towards a future powered increasingly by renewable energy, projects like this will become ever more critical. They not only enhance the efficiency and reliability of our energy systems but also pave the way for a sustainable, resilient, and economically vibrant future. The collaboration between Terna Rete Italia and Tratos stands as a testament to what can be achieved when industry leaders commit to excellence and sustainability.