Leading High Voltage Cable Manufacturers

high voltage cable systems

As the demand for high voltage cables continues to rise globally, it has emerged as a significant hub for high voltage cable manufacturing. This article explores the major manufacturers in this sector and highlights their contributions to the high voltage cable market. Major players in the high voltage cable market are Prysmian group, Dubai Cable … Read more

Police concerned by the spate of dangerous cable thefts

Police concerned by the spate of dangerous cable thefts

Cable theft is a severe problem that can have dangerous consequences for both thieves and members of the public. Not only do these thefts present a risk to the thieves themselves, but they also pose a threat to innocent members of the public. In response to the spate of thefts, Sector Inspector Steven Philp has … Read more

Classification and testing of electrical cables in the UK

Classification and Testing of Electrical Cables in the UK

Understanding the basics of electrical cable classification in the UK In the UK, electrical cables are classified based on their voltage rating and their intended use. The voltage rating of a cable indicates the maximum electrical potential difference that the cable can safely carry. Cables with a higher voltage rating can carry more electrical current … Read more