Tratos Acquires SkyWrap from AFL, Strengthening UK Manufacturing Base

Tratos, a prominent player in cable technology, has recently completed the acquisition of SkyWrap from AFL Europe. This strategic move includes taking ownership of AFL’s manufacturing facility in Swindon, UK, where SkyWrap, a pioneer in optical attached cable (OPAC) technology, has been produced.

SkyWrap, developed independently in the UK during the early 1980s, revolutionised communication networks by enabling fibre optic cables to be helically applied to existing power line conductors. This method, crucial for areas with challenging terrain or limited access, has been deployed worldwide, with significant installations across continents except Antarctica.

The acquisition aligns with Tratos’ commitment to advancing smart grid technologies and enhancing utility telecommunications networks. By integrating SkyWrap’s expertise into its portfolio, Tratos aims to optimise the efficiency and resilience of power infrastructure globally.

“We are thrilled to integrate SkyWrap into Tratos, expanding our capabilities to deliver innovative solutions for power utilities”, stated Ennio Bragagni Capaccini, vice president of Tratos. “This acquisition underscores our dedication to technological leadership and customer-focused solutions”.

Tratos plans to leverage the acquired facility in Swindon to bolster manufacturing capabilities, ensuring robust support for current and future SkyWrap deployments. The acquisition is expected to enhance Tratos’ ability to serve utility telecommunications needs comprehensively, supporting SCADA systems, smart grid initiatives, and broadband expansion.

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