Prysmian’s Strategic Move announcing the acquisition of Encore Wire in the US

Prysmian acquisition of Encore Wire - Prysmian's Strategic Move announcing the acquisition of Encore Wire in the US

Enhancing Dominance in the North American Cable Market Prysmian’s recent announcement of acquiring Encore Wire for an enterprise value of approximately 3.9 billion euros ($4.15 billion) marks a significant step in the evolution of the global cable industry, particularly in the North American region. This strategic move underscores Prysmian‘s commitment to strengthening its position in … Read more

The Vulnerable Undersea Cables A Wake-Up Call for Businesses

The Vulnerable Undersea Cables

Porthcurno, a picturesque village in Cornwall, holds a unique place in the history of global communications. In 1870, it was supposed to be the landing site for the first telegraph cable connecting India and the UK. However, due to complications, the cable found its way to Porthcurno instead. Today, this tranquil village serves as the … Read more

Empowering Germany’s Offshore Wind Ambitions: Prysmian Signs $ 5Billion Contracts with Amprion

Prysmian Signs $ 5 Billion Contracts with Amprion

In a significant stride towards bolstering Germany’s renewable energy infrastructure, Prysmian Group, a leading Italian cable maker and installation services provider, has inked three substantial contracts with the German transmission system operator Amprion. Valued at a staggering $5 billion, these contracts mark a pivotal moment in the nation’s journey towards harnessing offshore wind power to … Read more

Nexans’ Acquisition of La Triveneta Cavi: A Strategic Move Towards Electrification

Nexans' Acquisition of La Triveneta Cavi

Nexans, a leading French cable and optical fibre manufacturer, has recently announced its acquisition of La Triveneta Cavi, an esteemed Italian company renowned for its expertise in low-voltage wires. This strategic move signifies Nexans’ commitment to expanding its cable portfolio and reflects its anticipation of the burgeoning demand for fire safety cables; a segment predicted … Read more

Transforming Africa into a Renewable Energy Hub: Challenges and Opportunities

In recent years, several African nations, including Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania, and Zimbabwe, have set ambitious goals to become hubs for renewable energy production. They are investing in vast renewable energy projects that aim to supply clean energy to Europe through underwater cables. While this endeavour holds great promise for Africa and Europe, significant financial … Read more

What is the difference between AWA and SWA Cable?

What is the difference between AWA and SWA Cable

The difference between AWA (Aluminium Wire Armoured) and SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) cables lies primarily in the materials used for their armoring and the subsequent properties and applications of each type. Choosing between AWA and SWA cables usually depends on the specific requirements of the installation, including factors like environmental conditions, mechanical strength needs, weight … Read more

Fincantieri to Build Two Additional Hybrid Ships for the Offshore Wind Market

Fincantieri to Build Two Additional Hybrid Ships for the Offshore Wind Market

The winds of change continue to blow through the offshore wind industry as the Windward Offshore consortium announces its decision to exercise options for constructing two cutting-edge hybrid Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOVs). This significant development marks another milestone in pursuing renewable energy, strengthening the offshore wind sector’s infrastructure and capabilities. In October 2023, Windward … Read more

Viking Link: Powering the Future with the World’s Longest Subsea Interconnector

The UK and Denmark are now sharing clean energy-Viking Link interconnector is live

A New Era in Green Energy: Denmark-UK Connection The energy landscape has taken a monumental leap forward with the activation of the Viking Link, the world’s longest onshore and subsea interconnector. This groundbreaking achievement marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between the UK and Danish power grids, fostering an era of sustainable energy exchange. … Read more

There is no Green Energy Transition Without Energy Transmission

There is no Green Energy Transition Without Energy Transmission

The global push to transition to renewable energy sources has reached a critical juncture. With climate change escalating alarmingly, reducing carbon emissions and embracing cleaner, greener energy alternatives has become an urgent priority. However, a fundamental truth must be acknowledged. With a robust energy transmission grid to transport this renewable energy efficiently, achieving net-zero emissions … Read more