Prysmian Group’s Monna Lisa: Setting Sail Towards a Sustainable Cable-Laying Future

In a resounding commitment to meeting the burgeoning demands of the renewables market, Prysmian Group has embarked on the construction of its cutting-edge cable-laying vessel, Monna Lisa. This impressive 171-meter ship, currently taking shape under the expert hands of the VARD Group in Romania, is destined to make waves as the sibling ship to the state-of-the-art Leonardo da Vinci.

Prysmian’s decision to invest a significant €240 million (US$263 million) in Monna Lisa came on the heels of the unveiling of its predecessor in 2022. The company’s strategic move was fueled by the escalating demand for its advanced cable technology, spurred on by the remarkable growth in the renewable energy sector.

Monna Lisa is poised to become the sixth addition to Prysmian’s formidable installation fleet, standing alongside the likes of Ulisse, Cable Entreprise, Giulio Verne, Barbarossa, and the aforementioned Leonardo da Vinci. Much like its illustrious sibling, Monna Lisa will boast the pinnacle of technological advancements, further reinforcing Prysmian’s comprehensive EPCI approach, which encompasses engineering, manufacturing, installation, and monitoring services. This move serves to fortify the company’s position as a leader in both interconnection and offshore windfarm markets.

The construction journey of Monna Lisa officially began with a keel-laying ceremony held in Tulcea, Romania, in April 2023, a testament to the collaborative efforts of Fincantieri subsidiary VARD Group.

Notably, Monna Lisa will introduce several innovative technical enhancements over its predecessor vessels. Including a shore connection will enable the vessel to draw clean energy during onshore loading, complemented by an energy storage system that will effectively double its battery capacity.

Prysmian’s dedicated project manager, Davide Leoni, highlighted the vessel’s commitment to sustainability, stating, “Monna Lisa will have several technical and sustainable solutions aimed at reducing its environmental footprint while maintaining the same loading capacity and installation flexibility that has set Leonardo da Vinci apart in the cable-laying market.”

Prysmian has affirmed that the construction of Monna Lisa remains firmly on schedule, with commercial operations anticipated to commence in early 2025. The next stages will involve the assembly of outfitted hull units to form the ship’s blocks, followed later in the year by the installation of the diesel generators.

Monna Lisa’s emergence onto the maritime stage signifies Prysmian Group’s unwavering dedication to sustainable practices, advanced technology, and meeting the ever-growing needs of the renewables industry. With this state-of-the-art vessel, Prysmian continues to chart a course toward a brighter, more sustainable energy future.