A Power-Packed Partnership for Energy Connectivity

A 400kV interconnection cable system between Denmark and Sweden.

In an era where energy security and sustainability take centre stage, the recent contract signing between Hellenic Cables and Energinet is a testament to the commitment to strengthen energy networks and cross-border connectivity. The collaboration between these two entities heralds a significant step towards enhancing the infrastructure that underpins the flow of electricity between Denmark and Sweden.

The heart of this agreement lies in the development, supply, installation, testing, and termination of a cutting-edge 400kV interconnection cable system. Hellenic Cables, the cables segment of Cenergy Holdings, is entrusted with supplying the cable system, overseeing its installation and testing, and managing the jointing and termination works for this vital interconnection.

This project’s scope encompasses designing, manufacturing, and delivering 30km of submarine and 12km of underground 400 kV single-core cables. These cables are more than just wires; they form the backbone of cross-border energy connectivity, ensuring a seamless flow of electricity between Denmark and Sweden. Such a significant undertaking highlights infrastructure’s critical role in achieving our collective energy goals.

Hellenic Cables’ commitment to producing extra high-voltage 400kV AC single-core submarine and underground cables in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Greece is noteworthy. The production is slated to commence in 2023, with delivery expected in the first half of 2024. This timeline underscores the urgency of these projects to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted energy supply.

Konstantinos Savvakis, General Manager at Hellenic Cables, articulated the significance of this collaboration, drawing attention to the successful completion of the Oresund 132kV interconnection in 2017. This past achievement seamlessly linked Sweden and Denmark, setting the stage for their current endeavour. It is heartening to witness a company like Hellenic Cables, with a proven track record, continuing to invest in fostering efficient and sustainable energy connectivity between nations.

The sentiment expressed by Daniel Johan Brøndum, Senior Project Manager for Cables at Energinet, is equally laudable. His anticipation of good cooperation on the project reflects the spirit of collaboration and shared responsibility that is crucial in such ventures. The importance of this milestone for the security of electric power supply in Zealand cannot be overstated.

Energinet’s role in owning and operating the Øresund connections, in collaboration with Swedish Kraftnät, is pivotal in ensuring a high security of electric power supply, particularly for Zealand. The Øresund links are vital energy arteries, and their maintenance and enhancement are paramount.

In conclusion, the contract between Hellenic Cables and Energinet signifies more than just a business transaction. It is a pact that symbolizes the commitment of these entities to a greener, more interconnected energy future. As we move forward, collaborations like these will power our journey towards a sustainable and secure energy landscape.